Bremen Discount Prescriptions


Our Coast2Coast Prescription Card, a FREE prescription drug card that can benefit your entire family, continues to save residents a great deal.  The card includes additional benefits which are lab and imaging tests at substantially discounted prices as are some of your pets’ medications; audio, dental and vision benefits are included as well.  Ask your dentist if he/she will accept the Coast2Coast Prescription Card and your dental costs can be cut substantially.

To create your free prescription card, enter your full name (in the name box) and in the Member ID box, enter your 10-digit phone number (area code and number) or any 10-digit number of your choosing. We will not contact you for any reason and your information is kept strictly confidential.

View Coast2Coast’s website; for languages other than English, select translate.

Stop in at Bremen Township or your local pharmacy to pick up a card any time.  Since the program’s inception in 2009, we are pleased to announce that over $4.4 million dollars have been saved in pharmaceutical, dental, and lab costs for Bremen Township residents.  Since we have pioneered this program with the folks at Coast2Coast, over 32 other Townships have joined and are saving their residents a great deal in prescription, lab, dental, hearing, and vision costs as well.