Bremen Township Officials Reject Pay Increases

Supervisor Kathryn Straniero along with the Bremen Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously to reject pay raises for all Bremen elected officials at their board meeting on Monday, November 16, 2020. The voting member of the Bremen board consists of Mary Catuara, John M. (Mike) Tatro, Carolyn Carter, Ed Maggio, and Supervisor Straniero. The remaining Township official includes Clerk John Lord, Assessor Willie A. Jones, and Highway Commissioner John Flaherty.

Newly appointed Supervisor Kathy Straniero stated that she is so proud of this board that has put the interest of Bremen Township taxpayers first in recognizing that many of our residents are being financially challenged during these uncertain times and are willing to do their small part to help alleviate the burden. Assessor Willie A. Jones announced that Cook County will be re-assessing our area this coming year and commended the Board of Trustees for being pro-active in refusing to accept any pay increases, pensions or benefits.

In other business, Trustee Carolyn Carter stated that she will explore having both township facilities to be used as Covid 19 testing sites in order to make it more convenient and accessible to township residents.

Supervisor Straniero also stated that both facilities will serve as drop off locations for the Bremen High School Food Drive and urged anyone who can to share food items with our less fortunate residents. The Township Senior/ Youth Complex is located at 15350 Oak Park Ave. in Oak Forest, the other location is at the Bremen Township Administrative Office at 16361 Kedzie Ave. in Markham. Please call (708)333-9530 or (708) 687-8220 for more information.