Fall 2023

A season of giving, a season of hope

Like a candle in a winter window, its flame flickering but persistent, hope keeps us going during the worst of times.

As we enter the season of giving, we understand that need never hurts more than during the holidays. But it is also the season when hope makes us dare to believe that things can get better in our lives. Often, it is strangers who make us believe in miracles. Our little Bremen community, where I have lived most of my adult life, inspires me constantly with its people and institutions that respond to neighbors in crisis and make things better for many.

In our schools, little ones gather warm pajamas to help children in need to face cold nights. In our churches, residents contribute to food drives to address the daily issue of hunger. Someone is running a coat drive, someone else is rounding up Thanksgiving turkeys. Others are helping to pay someone’s rent or to keep the heat on, still others are helping someone to find a new job or repair the family car.

Often it’s the smallest of gestures that can make the largest difference, and keep hope alive for those among us struggling to move past a crisis: a pair of mittens for cold hands, a donated flu shot, a tank of gasoline to get to work, a bus pass, a free dental visit, a box of diapers for the littlest ones.

Our Bremen Township government answers the call all year round with many services for families, youth, and the elderly. We ramp things up during the fall and winter seasons to meet the holiday need. At the same time, we know that help must extend beyond the holidays in order to effect true change in people’s lives. We allocate your tax dollars to serve the greater good, and we count on your generosity to supplement our efforts. We have never been disappointed.

This is a season of remembrance. We acknowledge our good fortune, and remember that others are struggling. We find a way to step into someone’s life and bring some hope. Make a call to anyone organizing a giving campaign and ask: “How can I help?”  Remember that “You might be the stranger who sets things right for someone.”

Sincerely Yours,

Kathryn Straniero, Bremen Township Supervisor