Never underestimate your ability to make a difference

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

How best to Serve?

Never think one person can’t make a difference in the world.  If you join millions of other people striving for the same goal, you do make a difference and you inspire change in the hearts of others.

I was reminded of that as the world watched in shock and horror recently when Russia invaded Ukraine, killing scores of innocent citizens including children.  How would we feel if it was our family or our children?  Everywhere I went people were in disbelief and wondered how they could help.  Americans, especially, are so very generous.

On my way to the office, as I drove through the neighborhoods of Bremen Township, I reflected on the obligation of public service.  The first job of a public official is to serve the people, and I believe that is a special calling.  I wondered what I could do as Township Supervisor to improve the lives of Bremen residents – and maybe do something tiny to better the lives of all people everywhere.

I believe the answer lies in what’s closest to home: our family.  If we can instill in our family members in words and by action, to respect the rights of others and to serve those in need, then we begin a chain reaction of personal responsibility in this world.  Maybe we start by cleaning up an empty lot in our neighborhood, or volunteer to be of service in a local food pantry, church or school.  Maybe we just give a few minutes of our time to listen to the concerns of senior citizen or a lonely person.  Maybe, just maybe that sense of service expands from one person to many, and who knows how far the ripples can spread.

Making a difference always starts somewhere.  We can start small and watch it grow.  Service to others could begin the next internet trend as we watch the good news stories sprout up in many places.  It’s already happening in Ukraine.  The news is carrying photos of mountains of goods pouring into the country to help the displaced.  Think of it – each gift came from just one person like yourself, who joined the many others who wanted to make a difference.

However small, each one of us has the ability to make a difference – let’s join together and try it.

Your neighbor,

Kathryn Straniero,  Bremen Township Supervisor