Notary Public Service

Items Accepted for Notarization at Bremen Township

Please Note:

Bremen Township will not notarize any document(s) involving a document of conveyance transferring or purporting to transfer title to residential real property located in Cook County (5ILCS 312/3-102). These items require a notarial record to be filed with the Cook County Clerk.  The notary public is required to file all notarial records for residential real property with the Cook County Clerk and pay filing fee as well as keep such records filed for up to 7 years.  Due to these requirements, Bremen Township has opted out of notarizing documents pertaining to Residential Real Property located in Cook County.  We recommend all persons contact an attorney or title company to notarize these documents.

The State of Illinois prohibits a Notary Public from notarizing certain types of documents.  A list of unacceptable items has been provided.  This list may change depending on the items being presented.

  • Cook County Quit Claim Deed or other conveyance of property in Cook County
  • I9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Diploma/Degree Certificates
  • Government Issued ID’s (Driver’s License, State ID, U.S. Passport)
  • Copies of original documents
  • Any document without the required notarial wording

Bremen Township provides free notary public service.

A list of acceptable items has been provided.  This list may change depending on the items being presented.

  • Board of Review
  • Homeowner Occupancy Forms
  • Income Statement Forms
  • Long Term Occupancy Forms
  • Name Change to Treasurer Forms
  • Pension Forms
  • Senior Freeze Forms
  • Housing Forms (Section 8)
  • Quit Claim Deeds (outside of Cook County)
  • School Forms
  • Last Will and Testament Forms
  • Medical and Travel Authorization Forms for Minors
  • Divorce Agreements
  • Oath/Acknowledgement

*It is of the discretion of the Notary Public to make any exceptions to this list.  If the item is not on the list of acceptable items, we can and will reserve the right to refuse notarization service.