Senior Services

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

Bremen Township is fortunate to be comprised of all or parts of thirteen unique, vibrant, and diverse communities that have literally withstood the test of time thanks in part to a group of residents that oftentimes are overlooked and taken for granted.  These residents serve as the cornerstones and backbones of our communities that represent the very best in all of us.  This group of individuals is our Senior Citizen community who share the common denominator of keeping their towns, villages, or cities a great place for families to raise the next generation.

I, too, remember being young and thinking that I knew everything and did not value the wisdom that comes with age.  Fast forward to today as a member of the baby boomers, I acknowledge the fact that a lifetime of experience serves as a source of unlimited insight, principles, substance, and judgment.  Today’s Seniors are well informed and voice their opinions based on their past experiences along with the instant access to information through multiple venues 24 hours a day and are well versed in obtaining it.

Our Seniors continue to contribute to all of us in so many ways.  Families depend on senior members to assist with housing, financial support, and are grateful to be playing a part in raising their grandchildren, by transporting them to school, practices, games and anywhere they can be helpful.  Whether we need information, a favorite family recipe, or just some general advice, we look to those that came before us.

It is undeniable that so many recognize how valuable our senior population is, we are sought after employees in filling the gaps we currently see in the workforce because of their vast array of knowledge, dependability, and strong work ethics.  Advertisers recognize us for our buying power and elected officials understand that our votes determine how we move forward.  It makes sense that at least eight of our Presidents have been senior citizens.

Advances in medicine and life styles have made the days of sitting in rocking chairs during retirement obsolete.  Today’s Seniors demand to keep their independence, stay in their homes, volunteer, and continue to make significant contributions longer than past generations.  We should all be appreciative of those in the golden years who have paid their dues.  We at Bremen Township wish to share our appreciation by offering as many Senior Services, programs, and activities as we can.  This edition will highlight some of them.  Our Senior Department is always looking for more ideas to expand what is provided.  We welcome your input so please let us know what more we can do to better serve you.


Shelly Smith,  Director of Senior Services