Spring 2023


As I have expressed in the past, the Clerk’s Office plays a vital role in the electoral process from voter registration to the presentation of certified results.  One area that stands out is the difference between registered voters and ballots cast in local elections.  Reports from the Cook County Clerk’s Office indicate that participation in local contests such as for our Mayors, Alderpersons, Trustees, along with School Board members is generally about 14%.  These are the contests that have more of an impact on our communities, schools and leaders in our respective towns, villages or cities Putting this into perspective means that out of 1,000 eligible voters, less than 80 participants determine what direction, taxes we pay, and who we chose as community leaders.  We need to remember that the only avenue we must determine the quality of our elected officials and direction of our home towns is to cast our vote is to cast our vote.

Each and every vote matters and has the ability to be the deciding factor for the future of your community.

I urge all residents to be engaged and exercise your right to vote.