Trustee Carolyn Carter

Carolyn Carter - Trustee


Establishing good working relationships with all Bremen Township municipalities is a fundamental key to past and future successes.  In our effort to expand and enhance our cooperation with our other government entities, we are fortunate to have our very own Trustee Carolyn Carter serve in this role.  With her background serving as a Director of Community & Business Relations in a local municipality, Carolyn brings a portfolio of relationships she has built from all aspects of government, along with a vast network of Local, County, State, and Federal elected officials that she is on a first name basis with.  Her experienced talents will serve the residents of Bremen Township well.

Trustee Mary Catuara

Mary Catuara - Trustee


A couple of the unique services that are offered by Bremen Township are Youth Counseling and Mental Health Assistance.  Trustee Mary Catuara was in the forefront and instrumental in bringing these services to the township, with the stipulation that every young adult in every one of our communities has access to these services regardless of their ability to pay.  Serving as Chairperson of the special services is a reflection of Mary’s commitment to ensuring that no child is refused services which are needed, and that no individual or family experiencing Mental Health issues is forgotten.  We thank you for your dedication.

Trustee Edward Maggio

Edward Maggio - Trustee


Proper handling of government funds carries a huge responsibility of integrity and fiscal knowledge.  With a career of finance in the private sector, along with a clear understanding of preparing and balancing budgets, Ed is the obvious choice to serve as Bremen Township Finance Chairman.  His extensive knowledge of the procedural process, while keeping an eye on the bottom line will be a benefit for the residents of Bremen Township.  He will be working closely with the Supervisor along with each department head to ensure that the appropriation and distribution of funds to programs and services is maintained, while staying focused in keeping costs at a minimum and sustain fiscally sound practices.

Trustee John (Mike) Tatro

John (Mike) Tatro - Trustee


Spending his entire adult career in the construction and maintenance industry, Mike has a clear understanding of building and maintenance practices that are both efficient and cost effective.  With plans in the works for structural additions and enhancements to our facilities, and Mike’s past experiences of working with contractors and tradesmen, he is perfectly suited to lead the way and serve as Chairman.  His comprehension of architectural design, blue prints, and attention to details in the building process is an added asset and advantage for the residents of Bremen Township.