Utility Assistance Guidelines

Utility Assistance – At the intake interview and before a Completed and signed Application for assistance has been submitted, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The Utility must be a current disconnection notice (before the disconnection date) but not yet disconnected.
  2. The Utility must be in the name of the client.
  3. The Client must have valid I.D.
  4. The Utility disconnection must be paid in full.
  5. The amount of the grant must meet the need to keep service from being disconnected.
  6. The client must show proof of their portion of the Payment at the time of assistance being granted.
  7. The client has not received assistance in the past twenty-four (24) months.


  • Current disconnection notice means before the disconnection date.
  • Valid I.D. must have the current address shown on the I.D.